INVENPRIL delivers inventory replenishment solutions to a wide range of industries, product types, and organizations. The following select examples highlight the flexibility and broad applicability of this innovative product.

William Painter, Inc., San Diego, CA, is a premium sunglasses and accessories brand and e-tailer. Its 3-year growth rate landed it on the Inc. 5000 fastest-growing American companies in 2018. “We were experiencing the double-edged sword of hypergrowth,” explained William Painter CEO Matt DeCelles. “We knew that demand was there to support a product line expansion, but we were concerned that we could lose control without better systems and processes in place. Balanced Inventory has provided the visibility and control needed to sustain our growth by turning inventory faster and reducing inventory cash requirements by as much as 30%. This gives us the confidence to grow our business even more aggressively going forward.”

OOBE, Inc., Greenville, SC, provides uniforms for the demanding quick service restaurant industry. Its customers will not accept inventory shortages that could delay new uniform rollouts and insist that uniforms are in stock so that new employees may go to work immediately. According to Joe Patrick, former OOBE VP Operations, “Balanced Inventory helped us increase inventory turns while minimizing stock-outs across apparel styles with sometimes hundreds of different variant SKU’s. We found the output view that BI provides for Days of Sales on Hand to be particularly effective for decision making compared to traditional views that simply show Quantity on Hand of each SKU.”

The U.S. Army has one of the most complex and critically important supply chains in the world. All elements of the supply chain must move in lockstep with one another and adjust quickly to changes in demand. BALANCED INVENTORY helped synchronize the Army supply chain and provided visibility of supply and demand.

Biomet EBI Medical Systems, Marlow, OK, leveraged BALANCED INVENTORY to reduce inventory levels by 56%. By replacing the use of an SAP® system for inventory replenishment, the system eliminated costly stock-outs, saved time and effort, and reduced fulfillment time from weeks to the same day. It resulted in the closing of rented warehouse space and led to improved customer service that doubled revenue within two years.

Winston Salem Industries for the Blind (WSIFB), Winston Salem, used BALANCED INVENTORY to gain visibility into a supply chain that was producing excessive stock due to lack of supply chain visibility and lead-time variations. Challenged with exceedingly long lead times, some with short shelf lives, with components from numerous sources, BI provided real-time and future demand visibility. The implementation resulted in reduced inventories of all supply chain partners (some as much as 80%), reduced stock-outs from 5% to 1%, and reduced management time and cost.

The U.S. Marine Corps emphasizes readiness to deploy anywhere in the world. BALANCED INVENTORY ensured that new Marines were well equipped, reduced inventory by 50%, provided visibility of inventory and demand status, and reduced cost and effort of expediting.