The secret to efficiently balancing inventory to actual demand was discovered in the US Army’s mandate for zero stock-outs and excess inventory.  This initiative, executed at Clemson University, created a unique, commonsense, time-based pull replenishment method utilizing the key principles of Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma. Astonishingly, this simple approach mitigates forecast error and achieves unparalleled breakthroughs in inventory turns, on-time delivery performance, and inventory productivity. Based on this development, Balanced Inventory includes multiple best practices and patented solutions to deliver elimination of stockouts, doubling of inventory turns, and up to 30% reductions in inventory investment.

AdvanTech’s Log

InvenPril partners with AdvanTech, Inc. to provide Asset Management for First Responder Organizations and systems integration, linking, and additional support. From One contact InvenPril provides the power of both companies.

At AdvanTech, Inc., our entire team is committed to something greater than ourselves. We listen to clients’ needs and define their challenges to make their accuracy, visibility and accountability our responsibility. Our expertise is enhanced by our proven ability to provide value-added technology and related services leveraging our relationships with industry-leading technology partners. Our mission is something for which all our team members take ownership; it has become a part of us.