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Inventory exists to meet customer demand. Most companies have traditionally used Push Inventory management and Min-Max replenishment techniques to avoid out of stock events. But in today’s business environment of omnichannel commerce, SKU proliferation, and rapid fulfillment, this once-effective strategy is resulting in rising costs and complexities; even as stock-outs and excess inventories loom larger than ever.

The good news is that a breakthrough inventory control strategy powered by actionable analytics is changing the replenishment process. Optimizing and right-sizing inventory levels is not just possible – it is likely the smartest move you can make right now. INVENPRIL is an innovative, cloud-based inventory control system that empowers you to achieve a true Pull Inventory strategy based on Days of Sales in Inventory calculations. BI considers all your unique supply variables to streamline the inventory replenishment process, accelerate inventory turns, and ensure that you always have the stock needed to fulfill orders without tying up capital in excess safety stock.

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